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Traditional lines to create a picture of modern forest

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Cui Guohua Yuan in Jiangsu Province to see full-time painter 27 personal exhibitions carried out in Changzhou Liu Hai Su Art Museum. The exhibition is organized by Jiangsu Provincial Guohua Yuan, Changzhou Literary Federation, co-sponsored academy of Changzhou, Changzhou, Liu Hai Su Art Museum contractors. See Cui graduated from the Art Institute of Nanjing Normal University and Nanjing Academy of Fine Arts, Master of Fine Arts. Is a national level artist, director of Jiangsu Provincial Guohua Yuan Arts commissioned. Cui see the landscape paintings in the tradition of seemingly random ink lines as the main feature is the use of traditional images of the expression of forest and the spirit of Zen and the presentation of the mountains through the self and the reality of touch to release their feelings. The use of traditional Chinese painting lines on the expressive advantages, from the human point of view, creating a unique picture of the modern forest, the picture feels both born and accession to the WTO, in the "Yi pen hastily" in the see fine, in the " talk to myself and others "for the viewer to create a wonderful addition to the picture. People in his work both in the traditional taste of deep cultural connotation, but also the mind sense interpretation of the intersection with the illusion. The "Cui see solo exhibition" A total of more than 40 exhibits, all new work in recent years, the picture elegant, free and easy style, work or taken from the familiar landscape around the artist, or from the Taihang Mountains in Jiangxi and Henan in the sketch Jinggangshan . Because of the familiarity, it has profound experience and unique perspective, from a series of works we can clearly see that Choi is good to strengthen and sublimation of his own lines, the actual situation and white, patchwork, makes eye-ease, be applied thin Zinfandel, the painting brings the feeling of simply beyond the pale quiet, do not have some kind of sense, but the friendly and not kitsch, giving a bright and fresh feel. The exhibition will feature four days.
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