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I will always be endless forever all over the world attracted by the beauty. No doubt this is the light my passion for photography one of the factors. When I was a child, the parents took my travels, this desire for the new world of my childhood buried deep inside. In the past few years, I have had numerous opportunities to travel. In the meantime I have to remind myself not to just take pictures, but should always learn how to photograph better. Last summer I travel back from Australia, eager to view all photos. At the same time I read a comment on the low-profit gallery. Two things simultaneously, and the perfect combination. I never know they can sell their photos online, the news in front of me opened a new path. I immediately began to study how to sell photos. The first thing to do is taken from the past few years, thousands of photos to select the best. This thing started is easy, but difficult to proceed, because in reading a lot of photos, you will lose the right to judge the ability and the selection of photos. The solution is part of a day set aside time to do, no more than 10-20 minutes, or else the work becomes boring up. Began last September from a lot of things have become different. The process I used is selected from a lot of time shooting photos, and uploading them to profit gallery. I do not even pay attention to keywords. I just want a 5-10 keywords, and then fill in a hurry. And I also used too many Photoshop filters, and even ruined some otherwise good photograph. After several months of study after I have improved my skills, and now would like to share my experience and workflow: For each location or every shot, I create a new folder. Under the inspiration, I check a folder every day, to choose the photos can be used to sell. I created a directory, which is stored the photos selected sub-folders. For example, the "Australia" subfolder, "Europe" sub-folder, "2009 Harvest" and so on. I have a lot of these have sub-folders and files inside. Works every time when you want to upload, I select a folder for each photo, not more than 10-20 sheets. Every time I upload the photos so the content has a very wide range. Remember, many websites on the most recently uploaded photos will be given priority, so every time you upload multiple photos mixed up is a good idea. This is a general way, I'm telling you the other 4 major areas: 1. Keywords: If you want your photos more easily be found, you need to depend on the exact keyword. Do they want, many sites can help you, such as Picniche. You fill in a keyword in the search box phrase, it will return multiple words, you need to choose from. Stocktagger also a good site, I think more accurate than Picniche. 2. Photo to a clean, high quality. First you can not include any pictures or trademarks. These problems can be removed with Photoshop. Also the best quality possible to improve your photos to make it stand out from other pictures. Photo content depends on your creativity and imagination, but some Photoshop filters is always useful. I am not an expert, but often use noise ninja (noise) and Topaz Adjust. The secret is to use the filters used in the new layer, then lower the opacity. 3. Uploaded. The final step is to upload. You can do Web browser or FTP. The second method is suitable for sending large files, you need to join the queue file, and then to the computer to do it on the line. Online there are a large number of FTP software, and some are free. 4. End of the upload. More profit to the gallery site upload works, you also need to finally do something. For example, select the classification, distribution sale of permits, authorizations, etc. and upload the model. Some of each site has its own requirements, and if you upload to multiple sites, remember that these may be some trouble.
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